Monday, February 8, 2010

It's a start

Bob here.

Four pounds gone! It's a start, amounting to about a pound a week. I'll take it.

I have always said that I would never have a scale in the house, because I would obsess. But today's my birthday and my sister and brother-in-law gave me a scale. What's a guy to do?


  1. Update from Bob: No weight loss this week, but no gain, either, and that's a good thing because of birthday cake and some delicious cinnamon buns that my niece made for me.

  2. Monday morning weigh-in update from Bob: Another pound this week. That's a good pace. If I can maintain it, I'll reach my goal by summer.

  3. No loss this week. At least it's not a gain. Too early to panic.

  4. Still no more loss. I'm not sure if I have hit a plateau, or if it's just because I haven't been able to keep up the five or six days a week schedule on the treadmill. I was away last weekend, and other things got in the way since then, although I did do 45 minutes yesterday to compensate for some of it.
    Too early to panic, I guess.