Monday, April 19, 2010


Bob here.

I still haven't weighed myself in the three weeks since I saw my cholesterol specialist, but there are signs that the treadmill regime is paying off.
A co-worker commented today on how I look like I'm losing weight.
I noticed last week that I don't get winded running up and/or down stairs. I had to sprint from the second-floor control room at work to the newsroom on the ground floor and back. When I got back upstairs, I noticed that I wasn't puffing. And yesterday, I ran up from the basement at home to answer the phone in the kitchen. It was my sister calling, and she noticed that I wasn't out of breath.
I think I've already mentioned having to do up my belt an extra hole lately.
I've also noticed that exercising eases the pain of my recurring, almost chronic sciatica, and that my knees don't ache as much or crack when I'm climbing stairs.

So that's all positive stuff, and encouragement to keep walking.